Thursday, March 18, 2010

Turn "pretty" to hott!

Heeeyyyy! How you doin??? I apologize for falling off the face of the earth, this thing called life kept getting in the way! I do have a new recipes I need to share with you but this post will not be it. I know, I know but hey, "pretty lil things" covers a broad subject area so deal with it ok?

Moving on. I've made a few friends via twitter and even though I haven't met a lot (all) of them in person due to geographical differences, I am still glad to have "met" them. One of them being @sarahntastic She has sent me books and other baked yummy goodies and I totally love her for it! She also has her own blog and I highly recommend it. Anyway, via said blog I found out about this amazing product called Yummie Tummie.

Yummie Tummie. What is it? Why do you (if you're a female that is) NEED this thing? Let me explain. Upon reading this in Sarah's blog I was intrigued. I mean really, shape wear that is comfortable, pretty and not some kind of torture device??? It can't be! So I did my research. I went to the website, I perused and read and contemplated...then I ebay-ed because I am not about to pay retail and then end up with crap since it's not exactly the cheapest. (that's how my brain works :P) Well a few days later I received my very own Yummie Tummie shape wear tanktop. IT. IS. FABULOUS! Granted I could have gotten a size smaller (I think) since I'm kind of an in between size right now but I really do love this thing. The material is soft, comfortable and wearable as a layering tank top. I will be getting some more at some point in the near future and build up on my wardrobe staples...yes, this product is a wardrobe staple!

Some of you may know that I have a toddler, if not well now you do ;) I didn't gain much when I was pregnant but I was all belly, so my stomach was stretched beyond normal proportions and it's not like how it was pre-pregnancy. Although, I have lost all of my "baby weight" I still have a "pooch" the baby pooch which is really quite annoying and unfortunately for me I am not a celebrity with a dedicated plastic surgeon to do some nip and tuck on my problem area nor do I have a trainer and can train for 8 hours a day and get those amazing abs that they flaunt all the effin time! I have some other shape wear products that I have purchased before to go under certain dresses but they are not comfortable nor are they really meant to be seen by anyone else but the wearer but Yummie Tummie is totally different. I can't tell you how fairly amazed I am about this thing and if I could afford it I would buy more because I need these! You may ask well..."I've never had a kid so I don't need this" you are WRONG! If you have any kind of shape wear like Spanx, well you will want this and you will probably chuck your old one out. If you don't believe what I'm saying then I highly recommend that you locate a store near you and try one on. If you don't love it then you can come back here and tell me I'm wrong...which I know I'm not, just sayin' ;) Well, what are you waiting for? Go and try some on!

unfortunately, I can't take my own before and after pictures but here it is one of their's.

ok so I took a picture with my phone of me wearing it today. No "before" picture because my self-esteem is *not* that high lol


sarahntastic said...

don't you love it!! I have never, ever bought shape wear before this. I was shocked at the difference!! Woohoo, so happy you love it! And thanks for the lovely words, you are a doll, I am so happy to have met you.